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Quick Hide IP Platinum -- Best Hide IP tool for online security

Don't waste time to find and test public proxies. Just select a USA/Europe IP you wish to use from our list. Every IP address you see is 100% usable, high anonymous and secure! Both Http and Https are supported. We don't require user to input any personal info to use, we don't log and track any user behavior.

Full Compatible with IE/Google Chrome/Mozilla Firefox!
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  • Why Quick Hide IP Platinum

Your IP address can link your internet activities directly to you, it can be used to find your name and location. The websites you visit could trace you, even get some very confidential infomation. So protecting your Online Identity is a must, thus Anonymous Web Surfing and the ability to hide your IP address are mandatory in order to ensure a high level of online protection.

  • How Quick Hide IP Platinum works

By using Proxy server, your IP address is changed to an anonymous hidden IP address and hence not associated with you. A proxy server acts as an intermediary, routing network packets between your computer and the Internet. We provide US/UK/DE private proxy servers for you. You don't need to find and test public proxy one by one which may be dangerous and slow. Our every proxy you see is 100% usable, high anonymous and secure! Both Http and Https are supported.

You will appear to access the internet from a different location, not your own (real) location.From below picture, you can get overall understanding.  All websites you are visiting see the IP address of the proxy server instead of your own IP address.  They only know you come from US/UK/DE, your real IP address is hidden.

How Quick Hide IP Platinum works

Furthermore, Quick Hide IP Platinum provides "One Click" solution for you to switch proxy in browser. You could select your favorite proxy and press a button, the software will do all configuration in browser for you.It also has the "Auto Hide IP" mode which could switch proxy server every a few minutes automatically. It is full compatible with Internate Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.


Key Features

sequence signHide IP with our private high anonymous proxy servers in USA/Europe

sequence signHide your IP address and location from the web sites you visit.

sequence signFully compatible with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

sequence signFully compatible with Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows Vista and Windows 7.

sequence signEasy way to change browser proxy settings on the fly.

sequence signAutomatically switch IP address every X minutes for better anonymous surfing.

sequence signAdvanced proxy list testing ,sorting and management.